Bouquet (Glitch), 2019. Altered video using circuit bent video components. Installed on 55" vertical monitors, with sound.

Untitled (Word Series), 2016-.  Acrylic paint, spray-paint, ink, and oil paint on canvas. Finished with a protective semigloss UV topcoat (104”x72”).

Untitled (Sympathy Flowers), Ongoing Series 2016-. Acrylic paint,  marker, and oil paint on paper (30”x40”).

Fractured Carpets, Series 2015-. Acrylic paint, marker, and oil paint. Finished with a protective semigloss UV topcoat.

Time Time, 2016. In collaboration with Craig Quintero, Riverbed Theatre, Vera Sung, and Li-Mei Chung (7min).

Collage (Ongoing Series), 2016-. Digital collages printed on mulberry paper (18"x24").

End Trajectory, (Series from 2012-16). Laser engraved white Plexiglas, filled with off-white archival resin and sanded to a soft powdery matte finish (24”x33”).


Endurance Drawing (ten), Completed in 2011. This composite 6.51minute looped video without sound has a 1080p resolution and is best exhibited on smaller, more intimate, flat screen televisions. The performace video maps my struggle to keep my arm extended away from my body until failure. (Click Image for Vimeo Preview)


Force Feed, 2003. Multiple endurance performances played into one television. (Click Image for Vimeo Preview)


Untitled (Shatter Series), 2016. This non-narrative 10minute looped video with sound has a 1080p resolution and is presented on a vertically arranged flat screen television.(Click Image for Vimeo Preview)

All Media © Andrew Kaufman 2019